Problems with tnc2.

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Betreff: Problems with tnc2.
Von: pa2snk@pi8snk
Gruppen: ampr.bbs.tnc
Datum: 03. Sep 2013, 15:23:00
To  : TNC2@WW

Hi earlyer i posted a msg that i had problems with a tnc2c-nl.
I got a reply from g8mny he said to replace some caps becouse they can give a riple.
so i replaced a couple of c's around the 7805 but no luck so far.
the con en sta leds stay on and i cannot acces the tnc at all.
are there any of you guys who have some tips for me ?

Ps. i did not replace the caps around the max232.

Danny PA2SNK

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03.09. o Problems with tnc2.1pa2snk

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