Problem with tnc2c(-nl)

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Betreff: Problem with tnc2c(-nl)
Von: pa2snk@pi8snk
Gruppen: ampr.bbs.tnc
Datum: 29. Aug 2013, 22:40:00
To  : TNC2@WW

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# On : 8/29/2013 23:29:01
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I have a problem with a tnc2c-nl the con sta and dcd stay on.
when i remove all ic;s and put in only the 74hc14 the leds are back on.

does anyone recognise this problem ?
I would like to solve it, i already tried a new 74hc14.

If you like i could 7+ the schematic.

Hope to hear from ya all.

73 Danny.

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