Re: I0OJJ > fbb-7.0.10: old and new bugs

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Betreff: Re: I0OJJ > fbb-7.0.10: old and new bugs
Von: n1uro@n1uro
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Datum: 26. Jan 2020, 23:55:00
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Ah ah ah ... they read my msg since when connect to sourceforge
the V7.0.10 was removed and find a fresh version 7.0.9 which was
uploaded before two hours... :)

They read your packet mail because I copied it to email. In such I informed
them that a full version release for something minor was too early to
submit and they agreed.

Confirm that nothing is created also now no log in the aforementioned
directory... but, repeat, I found the log of the maintenance routines
in /var/log/fbb.log ...

If this is occurring then you must have this set in your fbb.conf file.
Not one of the developers can replicate this, nor can I unfortunately.
Also insure that the user your FBB is loading as has proper privs to
write to the fbb/log directory.

OK, it is certainly so...

As I have time I will help out with the FBB project as I've done in the past
as well. A few times I've had to increase the buffers on certain things
because they were too small for my needs :)

I hope this info will be kept in consideration, too :)

I know they're looking into all your bug reports that I copied into email.

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