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Hi Brian et al,

On 1/26/20 8:30 PM, n1uro@n1uro.#cct.ct.usa.noam wrote:
R:200126/2339z @:VE4KLM.#WPG.MB.CAN.NOAM [Winnipeg] #:35929 $:39373_N1URO
R:200126/1930Z @:N1URO.#CCT.CT.USA.NOAM #:39373 [Unionville] $:39373_N1URO

To  : FBB@WW

Gus et al;

On your mail...

I don't know if PBBS mail is where they're looking for bug reports, they've
been using the xfbb list and moreso the ticket system within sourceforge. :)
Your mail may not be seen.

Ah ah ah ... they read my msg since when connect to sourceforge
the V7.0.10 was removed and find a fresh version 7.0.9 which was
uploaded before two hours... :)

FBB logs are now kept in /var/ax25/fbb/log and they've been updated all
along. I have a script system that I cron to run every monday morning at
00:01 that emails myself and our NTS packet guy a full report of activity
from the most recent week past. It works just fine and reads off of the
fbb logs. Without them it would fail.

Confirm that nothing is created also now no log in the aforementioned
directory... but, repeat, I found the log of the maintenance routines
in /var/log/fbb.log ...

I see the issue with the SID, it's a buffer limitation issue that I'm sure
can easily be extended to support the longer version number :) Just
adding the new serveur.c to 7.0.9 will for now fix the SID issue since that's
all that was changed in this release (which was probably done a bit

OK, it is certainly so...

As for clr_users, they probably don't even know about this bug since
most people now rarely use YAPP, but instead use internet file transfer
protocols now. I'll bring this to their attention.

SendBBS v1.1 by N1URO for LinFBB

I hope this info will be kept in consideration, too :)

73 and ciao, gustavo i0ojj/ir0aab/ir0eq

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