fbb-7.1.10: old and new bugs

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Betreff: fbb-7.1.10: old and new bugs
Von: i0ojj@i0ojj
Gruppen: ampr.bbs.fbb
Datum: 26. Jan 2020, 19:45:00
To  : FBB@WW


just compiled and tested again the newest xdfbbd V7.0.10.

While I've read a sorta improvements, remain old and
and new bugs: the historical one is the following, which
I reported since 2000/2001 years at time of V7.04h.

Jan 26 14:05:49 ir0rm-7 kernel: [206667.165691] xfbbd uses old SIOCAX25GETINFO

Then, remains the fact thet the 'fbblog' is not more
created since V7.02b.
Only activities on /var/log/fbb.log are duly reported.

The third, the new one, the SID is corrupted at least
when xfbbd is forwarding and when the sysop/user
connect to the console, as shown furher below.

The probably fourth, I dont' see on the changelog
release no job on 'clr_users', then if so the fbbdos
yapp amount IS NOT reset to quantity 0KB each day.

So, maintainers have a good job :)

*** (1) CONNECTED to I0OJJ-1
I0OJJ BBS, Rome.
Hello Gustavo. 12 active messages, last is 7297, last listed is 7297.

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Ch. 1    (LINUX) :  I0OJJ-4  - Sun 26/01/20 18:23
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Welcome Gustavo, thanks for joining the SICD Packet BBS
Local time is 18:23 of 26-Jan-20 - 12 living msgs.

(1) I0OJJ BBS>

Software FBB Version 7.0.10 (Linux) compiled on Jan 26 2020
Mem Us:18350  Mem Ok:2928664  Bid:32000  Lang:2  Ports:2  Ch:16  FBB Ok  BIN Ok
Free XMS memory = 256 KB

Available disks : C:

LINUX virtual paged memory

73 and ciao, gustavo i0ojj/ir0aab/ir0eq

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