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Betreff: RE:Anyone news on FBB ???
Von: ve3wbz@va3bal
Gruppen: ampr.bbs.fbb
Datum: 26. Mar 2014, 16:17:00
To  : FBB@WW

DT: Wednesday, March 26th.,2014 @ 1107hrs EST <JPST>
Hello whomever started this,  as our local and only RF BBS is
back online after crashing some time in Jan 2014.  Yep thought
it went the way of VE3LSR BBS, as the club there seems to have
turned from Packet and RF to embracing the Internet, which
leads to why they need a licence for a radio?
Yep the sysop at VA3BAL BBS had taken a well deserved vacation.
Something users never consider.   VA3BAL BBS still operates
FBB ver 7.05c under Linux.  Might be an idea to get rid of
Windows and go this route with every windows change we loose
I saw Dave's posting about a chat on the subject as well
the quote by LA8GG ...but alast the copy of the text didn't
get here.
I for one hope packet never dies, as it is a great place to
come and post and comeback anytime of the day to browse
thru the postings and replys from others.   No sleepless
nights due to time is great.   Unfortunately
and looking at here, it is dead and dieing, and now for
me only one BBS left, and when that goes...dats it for me :(
73 Peter VE3WBZ

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