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Betreff: Re: anyone news on FBB ??
Von: la9gg@la3n
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Datum: 26. Mar 2014, 13:10:00
To  : FBB@WW

I think my best bet will be to carry on with WinFBB 7.00i and WinXP until
my old PC packs it in, and THEN take an even older Dell PC with Win98 out
of storage.

If I'm lucky, and there are still packet users around, I may squeeze a
couple of more years out of the equipment.

73, Per (SysOp @ LA3N).



While I don't have firsthand experience with Winpac on BPQ32, a friend of
mine has been using it.  I've attached a message that he posted under CHAT
a few days ago:

From: N0KFQ
Type/Status: BN
Date/Time: 23-Mar 21:26Z
Bid: 16054_N0KFQ
Title: Winpack and Outpost

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26.03. o Re: anyone news on FBB ??1la9gg

"News-Portal" auf dem HAM-Web-Servfer DB0ERF.