[MM-SSTV] SSTV pages updated

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Betreff: [MM-SSTV] SSTV pages updated
Von: vk2bod@cx2sa
Gruppen: ampr.bbs.sstv
Datum: 16. Nov 2014, 00:57:00

Hi all,
I have been updating my pages that display all known
SSTV sites from round the world.

If you publish your RX images on a website and yours is missing
or needs updating please let me know.

Europe sites:
http://www.g0hwc. com/sstv_ cams_europe. html

USA Canada sites:
http://www.g0hwc. com/sstv_ cams_usa_ can.html

Australasia sites:

Please advise of any missing or  outdated or data

Join the SSTV Webring here:
http://www.g0hwc. com/sstv_ atv_ring_ members.html

Live SSTV Chat:
http://www.g0hwc. com/chat. html

Paul G0HWC
Posted by: paul@xxxxx.xxx

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