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Hi Wim and all,

Now the picture is coming together so I can answer the question; lying or
ignorant? A little bit of both, the usual lying media (a given these days)
and ignorance, nobody put all the bits together to show a complete picture.
100KW on MW is a GAWDawful amount of power, fairly common on SW though and
antennas having considerable forward gain kick out a megawatt or two. At the
height of the Cold War VOA built a site in Greenville, NC (all Collins) with
a 2MW final into a Sterba curtain that tosses 12MW ERP at Europe. Radio
Moscow did likewise, on this side of the pond we could hear them with a
crystal set.

Heh, 1KW on FM is flea power, legally Low Power FM (LPFM) and with a little
antenna gain LPFM stations put out 2KW +/- a few fleas. A tall tower, high
gain antenna and 10KW transmitter are common, the average commercial station
transmits ~100KW ERP. Because when frequency goes up coverage goes down it
gets crazy on the TV bands. I don't know other than North American
assignments but here Low Band (channels 2-6) are a few KW, High Band (7-13)
are hundreds of KW and UHF (the FCC really gooded up frequencies so I'll go
for ~600MHz give or take) it runs into hundreds of megawatts. That has one
advantage, if you order squab in a resturant you'll pay through the nose, if
you live near a transmitter it falls from the sky already cooked.

Hmmm, now if somebody wanted to make some money and a name for him/herself
they could gather the bits together and author a book, it's all out there
including pictures. Oh don't look at me that way, I'm leaving that to someone
with patience.

Oh, just noticed a typo and I'm not going back to fix it so just substitute
goofed for gooded. These days the FCC is more goof than good but what can you
expect when budget cuts put politicians in positions freviously occupied by

73 de Warren

Station powered by JCP&L atomic energy, operator powered by natural gas.

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