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Hi Pete and all,

HOT DAYUM! Canukia heard from at last! It only goes to show you can't keep a
good ham down, they float. Down here they all float.

You're still using those 25W 12V Edison base bulbs in the Yellow Sub? I'll
bet the battery doesn't last long so go green with LEDs only use white ones,
green is just plain weird. If I'm not mistaken they also make 12V CFLs, 12V
tubular fixtures have been around a while. I used to have a 15W bar for a
desk lamp at my operating position run off the 12V supply and 100AH gel
battery backup but soon discovered it was an RFI generator, crap, back to
mains power for the lamp and candlepower backup.

Yup, the Caroline movie is The Ship That Rocked, got the DVD and sound track
CD that duplicates a few songs in my archives but what the heck. For what
it's worth, several pirates went over to the internet carrying on the
traditional format, just lacks that certain sense when listening to an
illegal broadcast. I used to listen to one of the big boys in Dublin and
regularly received their newsletter, then both the stream and the newsletter
became sporadic, now nothing. I have a bad feeling they got busted, they were
among others with an antenna on one end and a telco line on the other. Now if
you want to go chasing pirates they're around the SW bands and the one place
you'll regularly find them is the bottom end of 40M just below 7MHz in the
old continental telephone HF relay band. I used to hear telco links using
reduced carrier ISB duplex, each side of the conversation on it's own
sideband, Poland was the last to go dark, then pirates took over otherwise
dead air. FYI many use SSB and when they're not broadcasting chat briefly.

That think about Toronto and the pirate FM station back in the 70s reminds me
of something similar and more recent. In the 90s there was some weirdness
going on at UC Berzerkley (Berkley, CA campus) as if there's ever a dull
moment at Berserkley, there was a portable FM pirate they couldn't catch for
love nor money. Reminds me of a certain modular AM station one step ahead of
the FCC but I digress. When things finally cooled down info came out, it was
a cassette player and an Army surplus man pack radio, rather appropriate for
a radio battlefield.

You lost me with Queen of Swords, El Zorro was gay? (;->) That reminds me of
the new Lone Ranger movie and a Tonto who would scare the kids. Frankly I
don't think so, one look at those two and I'm off my feed... yuch!

73 de Warren

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