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Betreff: Pirate Radio ...etc
Von: ve3wbz@va3bal
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Datum: 29. Jul 2013, 20:12:00

DT: Monday, July 29th.,2013 @ 1457hrs EST <JPST>
Hello Ian G0TEZ and the multitutes of users, such as I., As well a
few callsigns I know are sysops, as we've exchanged emails and
packet SPs and SBs and all the rest.
Side comment on the LEDs... wish I had converted the YS to LEDS
as she still has those ancient Marys called "bulbs".  Hmmm come
to think of it also a pumphandle for water from the freshwater
As for Pirates,  well for Ian and others o'er the pond, yeah
I know Radio Caroline.  Gee there was even a movie and they
are famed, as well ..one of those retired from those good ole days
is now a hammie living ,last heard in South-east asia somewhere.
Got that from a host, I think is still rocking Radio Caroline.
As for all the others never heard them.   Locally here in the
1970s,  we had the Island Defence League on the Toronto Islands
and their totally illegal FM station, not only belting out the
tunes but carrying out the main function of warning when the
City of Toronto was coming to evict the rest of those residents
living on the Islands.  Toronto City Hall had decided, that
there was a need for more park land, and despite  the ferryboats
not being able to carry'em all over, and back...yeah they wanted
more then needed, thus a community was lost, but a blackeye
earned for the city.   The Pirate Radio Station ended operations
when the war was over with Toronto.   Most of the operators
were given jobs at Toronto and area rack radio stations, and
none were ever convicted because the DOT couldn't get over
to the Island.  Pure comedy.   Ahhhh nothing like ticking-out
the DOT and DOC in the 1960s or 1970s.  They acted like in
some movie.
Up to date on TV, Maria has been watching a TV show called.,
"The Queen of Swords".  Funny thing is it's short run in 2002
and a legal mixup over who if any in 2002 owns the rights to
"Zorro" or simular storyline.  The case got thrown out, and yet
the series ended...and I think anyone who was in it was blacklisted
as some never even today show up in some TV or movie roles.
Well  Have to go.  There you go Ian..I put in an appearance.
73 Pete VE3WBZ

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