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Datum: 29. Jul 2013, 19:15:00

Hi folks,

Anice full list Wim. We also had a pirate station from the Isle of Man in my
part of Englsnd.

Ian, you mean Manx Radio? The Isle of Man is to far from the Netherlands to
listen to a not so high powered mediumwave or VHF-FM station from that island.

It doesn't explain why a BBC TV programme should say that Pirate radio began
in 1967. You are quite right about BBC Radio 1 starting that year. At first
they used to pretend to sound like a pirate station but everybody knew they

Probably that programme is made by persons that don't know history?

"All as far I can remember from my brain. I know it's not complete, hi!"
What's not complete, remembering or your brain? (;->) Don't mind me, I'm not
a complete idiot, some parts are missing.

To give an answer to your question Warren. (;->)
The input to my brain is not complete. No one has been told the complete

There have been more radiostations in the Northsea than I mentioned. They were
QRT before I started listening. In front of the English coast f.i. Radio
Invicta and Radio Essex. In front of the Belgian coast Radio Antwerpen on the
vessel Uilenspiegel.

Most radiostations had MW transmitters with power of 2 - 10 KW. Radio Caroline
had 50 kW but when lack of fuel the power was reduced. Big L Radio Londen used
75 kW at the end and Radio 390 30 kW.

The best equiped Radioship was The Mebo II used by Radio Northsea
International. On board a 100 kW MW transmitter, a 10 kW spare, a 10 kW
shortwavetransmitter for the 49 m band, a second 10 kW for the 31 m band and a
1 kW VHF FM transmitter. On sundaymornings there was a DX programme on the
49 m band presented by Albert John Beirens from Belgium. In that programme was
an item "The history of off shore radio". That gave me much information about
the radiostations.

73, Wim

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