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Datum: 28. Jul 2013, 00:25:00

When I put out my original bull about pirates I was thinking of how, in the
UK, radio and TV were under state control, all with licences, The only
exception wa ham radio which had to have a licence too,

FM had been invented but was too complicated for me working just off spare and
ex WD parts.. Basically, my system was a high pwr Hartley oscillator with high
level AM from the amp etc driving it and a simple chicken wire AE. SWR was
estimated, ie.e. when the anodes stopped glowing the SWR was probably quite

PA3AKK mentioned a lot of  true pirates which I had heard of, mainly operating
fro ships in the North Swa. None of them woul;d reach across the pond except
under wierd lift conditions. The main thing I have pride in is that my setup
was home brew and home designed. A lot of so-called pirates since then have
bought ready made units, usually short range FM. Not quite the same :-(

73 - Ian, G0TEZ @ GB7CIP

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