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Datum: 26. Jul 2013, 22:13:00

Anice full list Wim. We also had a pirate station from the Isle of Man in my
part of Englsnd.

It doesn't explain why a BBC TV programme should say that Pirate radio began
in 1967. You are quite right about BBC Radio 1 starting that year. At first
they used to pretend to sound like a pirate station but everybody knew they

It is a bit like the official story about John Logie

aird who had 25 ins colour TV sets in 1939 yet, in 1946 the BBC introduced TV
on 9 ins screens in black and white. We didn't officially get colour TV until

It is a great mystery. I know about it because I talked to a man who worked
with Baird during WW II, yet the official version is that baird only had
small, 30 line pictures. Baird died in June 1946 and couldn't argue about his
true system but why did it happen ?

Thanks for the reply:

73 - Ian, G0TEZ @ GB7CIP

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