Forwarding on HF - a new partner

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Betreff: Forwarding on HF - a new partner
Von: iw2ohx@ir2ufv
Gruppen: ampr.bbs.pactor
Datum: 27. Nov 2019, 09:26:00
Hi Pactorists,

another forwarding partner was added today after some days
of testing.
A forwarding link with OK0PBR from Brno is currently up right now.
One of the most confusing thing with Pactor (a least to me) is
figuring out the right frequency where to call your partner.
I struggle sometimes between Center Freq, Mark Freq and Dial Freq
and the correct use of MARK and SPACE. I know, for veterans, it
should be crystal clear, but for beginners could not.
So, please when you issue bulletins to declare operating freqs, please,
always state if they are CF MF or DF and the mode USB or LSB.

Thanks a lot Libor OK2PEN for your support!!!!

BBS Forwarding Partners

Packet: IQ2LB

73 de iw2ohx
Op. Marco

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27.11. o Forwarding on HF - a new partner1iw2ohx

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