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Betreff: Re: OK0PBR again stopped
Von: g4apl@gb7cip
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Datum: 14. Apr 2017, 11:59:00
T:From: Paul Lewis <>
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Hello Libor

I confirm that GB7CIP<PACTOR P2  Sig S7 at 10:55GMT>OK0PBR HF Pactor
forwardingis now back up and working on 14MHz.

Well done to the OK0PBR SysOps

73 de Paul G4APL SysOP GB7CIP HF Pactor AX25 Mail forwarder. wrote:

Hello sysops
Pactor part of OK0PBR MBO is already one week stopped. There started some
still unidefiable frequency scanning problem. Probably something strange
with PTC-II. Sysops are quite busy so the repair will be some time delayed.

amprnet ax25 g4apl@gb7cip.#32.gbr.euro
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