Re: IQ2LB starts experimenting the Pactor

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Betreff: Re: IQ2LB starts experimenting the Pactor
Von: rc8sb@rc8sb
Gruppen: ampr.bbs.pactor
Datum: 22. Apr 2016, 15:06:00
On 21.04.2016 20:52, IW2OHX wrote:

present 20m ?

73 !
de RC8SB

 > here at IQ2LB we started experimenting Pactor.
The first setup includes a TS-450, PTC-IIIusb and LinBPQ as software.

At the moment, we are not scanning multiple frequencies and bands, but this is
something we will implement soon.

Frequency: 7049.9 (dial freq)
Modes: Pactor 1,2,3 / Robust Packet
Callsign: IQ2LB
Default application: Winlink RMS

Any report and feedback is highly appreciated.

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