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Datum: 17. Mar 2020, 19:12:00

Back in the 90's, for IP you were limited as to what you could use for SMTP
based mail. It was mainly DOS based only and xNOS based such as JNOS and
MFNOS... Tnos ran on both DOS and linux. Maiko wasn't coding JNOS at that
particular time, I believe Johan was still maintaining JNOS (thus the J).

Linux was fairly new still at the time and was just starting to get explored
deeper by hams, in fact if you look at much of the IP stack within linux
you'll notice comments on how code was taken directly from KA9Q NOS. Many PC
based IP stacks come from NOS to this day.

Of course, this was when hams were still the inventors for usage of the
mass global population. Those days seem to be long gone.
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