A version of TSTHost LFN compatible?

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Betreff: A version of TSTHost LFN compatible?
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Datum: 28. Jul 2013, 02:07:00
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[――― TST HOST 1.43c, UTC diff:5, Local time: Sat Jul 27 21:50:55 2013 ®®®]

Hi all Packeters.

I am using TSTHost 143c in a pure DOS machine, a AM486 running (unofficial)
MSDOS7.10, long file names compatible.

I  want  to  know  if  anybody knows any TST version newer than mine, which
would have LFN support, or an aditament that make it work this way.

Many thanks in advance.

Ί Osvaldo F. Zappacosta. Barrio Garay (GF05tf) Alte. Brown, Bs As, Argentina.Ί
Ί Mother UMC ζPC:AMD486@120MHz, 16MbRAM HD IDE 1.6Gb MSDOS 7.10 TSTHOST1.43C Ί
Ί                Bater΅a 12V 160AH. 9 paneles solares 10W.                   Ί
Ί                  lw1dse@yahoo.com ; lw1dse@gmail.com                       Ί

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